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Status Update (December 2019)

Ah, December, my favorite month of the year... Wait, that's the same thing I said last year... but uh yeah, November was interesting!


Light Novels

Kokoro Connect (J-Novel Club):

Volume 8: Step Time is now 60% translated. I have a feeling Anda-sensei went high on the shenanigans with this one so he could gut-punch us with the final arc.

SEXILED: My Sexist Party Leader Kicked Me Out, So I Teamed Up With a Mythical Sorceress! (J-Novel Club):

Volume 2 is 100% translated! You can preorder it here (or other e-book retailers) if you desire! Set to release on December 14th. ALSO: As announced at AnimeNYC, the series will receive physical editions! For a J-Novel series this is a HUGE deal, because it means the book has sold incredibly well. You can expect to get your hands on that sometime around Summer 2020; I'll let you know when preorders go up. As for the future of the series, I'm guessing there will be a third volume eventually, if the Narou updates are any indication, but it might not be published in Japan for many months. Hang tight, Lilium fans.

I Refuse to Be Your Enemy! (J-Novel Club):

Another AnimeNYC announcement! This is part of JNC's new shoujo light novel brand, J-Novel Heart. You know me, I'm always down to translate the #LadyContent. Currently, Volume 1 is 30% translated. JNC members can expect to start reading sometime this month. It's unlike anything I've ever worked on before, so it's taken a lot of careful research, and the end result is uhhh Jane Austen.

Adachi and Shimamura (Seven Seas):

Volume 1 is 100% translated! The physical version releases in June 2020, but you can preorder it now if you want. Or, there should be an early release for the digital version in like March or something, if you prefer. As for Volume 2, it's approximately 25% translated. Also, preorders for volume 2 (phys) are already up—that one comes out in August.


Hippoboar Rancher (OTUSUN LAND):

English demo released! Now Ian's gearing up to translate the rest of the game. Ganbatte!

YOU and ME and HER: a love story (JAST USA):

We're gearing up for preorders! Shouldn't be too terribly long... maybe.

TAISHO x ALICE Episode I (Primula, JAST USA):

The biggest secret of my whole damn life was finally announced (AND THEN RELEASED) last month! Ohhhh my goddddd what a relief to be able to talk about it!!! So far people seem to be having a great time with the game, and that makes me happy! My only regret is that they didn't officially use my localized title suggestion, DUALICE... although they put it on the Steam page for some reason..........


Okay, no more announcements for a while! I hope! The only way I'm taking on any more projects is like... I dunno... if they license Brothers Conflict or something. Anyway, I hope your holidays are happy and your Christmases (if applicable) are merry! I have to do some extra work today so I can take next weekend off for my winter trip. I'm very tired.

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