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A long history rooted in the Japanese game industry. Years of experience working for American branches of Japanese companies and familiarity with Japanese business culture. A keen eye for details, critical thinking and analytical skills paired with advanced bilingual capabilities. Perfectionist leaning with dedication to efficiency and quality assurance.

Localization Supervisor/Producer
​2018 - present


Since 2018 I have had opportunities to oversee small-scale localization teams, ensure consistency of terms and characterization within projects, and work with Japanese devs to design English logos, websites, and marketing materials.

Localization Consultant
​2016 - present


Starting in 2016, I have acted as a consultant, interpreter, and negotiator for small-time Japanese devs looking to break into the Western market.

Freelance Translation

​2015 - present


​I landed my first professional game translation gig in January of 2015. Since then, I've had the pleasure of working with four major visual novel publishers, two browser MMO publishers, and three third-party translation agencies.

Video Game Quality Assurance Analyst

​2009 - 2015


My first introduction to the game industry was through a part-time gig as a QA tester for a third-party game testing studio. From there, I made quality assurance my profession and worked full-time for various console and mobile game studios such as BANDAI NAMCO and GREE.


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