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Status Update (June 2023)

Goodbye, sleepy spring!


To Every You/To Me Duology (Seven Seas): Both books release (phys/dig) on the 6th! You really can read them in any order - I tried both ways when I was proofing the drafts and it honestly works. (If you can't decide, pick the one that has the more appealing heroine to read first.) Excited to get my comp copies! 💚

??? (Seven Seas): As I may have mentioned, they asked me to step in for the final volume of a certain novel series. That volume is now 100% translated!

?????? (Seven Seas): Exciting news: I'll be translating manga for Seven Seas for the first time starting this month! You know how I love a good spicy manga.


Like with Bother You, I won't announce my involvement with these until the release date rolls around. Later this year, I'm guessing.

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