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Primula - Puss in Combat Boots


My Contribution: Translation (Website, Localized Title)

By request, I provided the English text required by Valve for the Steam page.


In a world ruled by bushy-tailed, bipedal catfolk, "humans" are mythical beings worshipped as gods. Those who pass a human's trial will have their wish granted... This is the tale of the girl who met a god.

Kalmia8 - Les Grandes Odalisques


My Contribution: Translation (Website)

By request, I provided the text for the English version of the official site.


Sometimes, love requires sacrifice. Revolt against your fate...and reclaim your stolen future!

OTUSUN LAND - 櫻-Sakura-


My Contribution: Translation (Full)

A 6-part romantic horror audio drama series developed and published by OTUSUN LAND.


This is the tale of a man's death and the woman who killed him with her love.

OTUSUN Club - Ojisama Cube​ (18+)


My Contribution: Subtitles (Partial)

An erotic audio series by doujin circle OTUSUN Club, released on DLsite.

I contributed English subtitles for the following:

  • Behind the Easel: First Portrait

  • Doll House Kanegae vol.1

  • Doll House Kanegae vol.2 

  • Doll House Kanegae vol.3 

  • Ojisama Dakimakura: The Case of Kasumi Nowaki

  • Shouji Inukai’s Medical Records

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