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Status Update (September 2021)




Adachi and Shimamura (Seven Seas): Volume 6 physical edition is now available in addition to the digital release!

Volume 7 is still slated for November, and Volume 8 is listed for February 2022.

As for Volume 9, I should be able to start on it soon, because...

Until I Meet My Husband (Seven Seas): 100% translated! Many tears were shed working on this book—am I just a sap? I really hope this autobiography resonates with people. It's messy and gay, just the way the author wanted it.

Weather Cheese (J18 Publishing):

Announced last month! This was my first professional foray into manga, and I came away with a deeper understanding of the unique challenges of manga translation. Who knows, maybe I'll work on another one someday!


Fxxx Me Royally!! (MangaGamer):

Physical edition now available here! (NSFW) The birthdate popup is so annoying—WHY DOES IT STILL POP UP EVEN WHEN I'M LOGGED IN?—that I can't be bothered to buy one for myself, lmao. Maybe at a convention someday.

Slow Damage (JAST BLUE):

Even more miscellaneous translations. Truly the Slowest of Damage.

???????? (???):

Currently 70% translated! Currently scheduled to finish this project sometime this month.

?? (???):

Gee, Verde, how come your mom lets you have two pink projects this month? This one is a chonker, so it might not get officially announced for a long-ass time. Dear friends, wait for me.


I've been playing a bit of Cupid Parasite (JP) since I got it for Christmas last year, and the BGM is sincerely incredible. The dev team really went the extra mile and it shows.

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