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Status Update (October 2022)

From sabbatical to Samhain. Have an update!



BokuAi/KimiAi, the "To You/To Me" Duology (Seven Seas): This month I'll be translating To (Every) You!

I noticed on TikTok that the film adaptations are marketing To Every You as "bitter" and To Me as "sweet," and uh... I think they have that backwards............ Also I've been reading the spinoff novel and I gotta say, I hope 7S licenses this one too. Shioriiii.

??? (J18): I've picked up another adult manga while I wait for my Tentative Project to sort itself out.

I'm not sure it has any SFW pages I can list on my site, lmao. That's all I can say for now!


Secret Project (NekoNyan):

100% translated! Shoutout to the NekoNyan community for being so welcoming. I have SO MUCH to say about this game, so I look forward to it being announced... this month...?! Time flies!


Have you guys heard about the weird green Halloween Twix? I want the weird green Halloween Twix.

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