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Status Update (November 2022)

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Finally, I can talk about The Things™!



BokuAi/KimiAi, the "To You/To Me" Duology (Seven Seas): Both books are now 100% translated!

I put a lot of extra care into making sure I caught all the subtle tie-ins each book has for the other. Looking forward to when they release on June 3rd next year!


Love, Elections, and Chocolate (NekoNyan):

Announced!!! It's also 100% translated btw.

The spiritual connection I have with this game is actually unreal and I'm so grateful NekoNyan brought me on to translate it. Remember kids, Chisato haters = opinion discarded.

Slow Damage (JAST BLUE):

Release date announced: November 14th! Preorder digital or physical, whichever you prefer!

I am so, so glad it's finally ready. Lamento when?


People are always so surprised when I translate male targeted media. Just because I'm a vocal proponent of joseimuke doesn't mean there aren't a bunch of regular old cishet eroge on my VNDB wishlist. :>

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