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Status Update (November 2021)

Happy Post-Spooky Hangover Day.



Adachi and Shimamura (Seven Seas): Volume 7 released digitally last month on the 21st! Physical version to follow this month on the 16th!

And Volume 9 is 100% translated! I got bored in between projects and finished it waaay ahead of schedule.

I haven't been formally asked to work on V10 just yet and I've got a different book to complete in the meantime, so it may have to wait until early next year.


Secret Project #1 (???):

100% translated! But of course, there's still programming and QA work to be done. I'll be helping out with the latter. I think the announcement will happen this month...?

Secret Project #2 (???):

36% translated! I had a few days to slip some work in before I pivoted to...

Secret Project #3 (???):

100% translated! Now to tape my mouth shut until spring 2022.


Fast-forward me to Christmas, please. I want to sleep for a week.

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