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Status Update (May 2021)

Lots of book updates this month!




I stepped in to translate the final volume of this series, which released digitally last month! Physical edition releasing on the 4th!

I Have A Secret (Seven Seas):

Digital version released last month, with the physical version releasing on the 18th! I eagerly await reviews.

Adachi and Shimamura (Seven Seas): Volume 1 got reprinted, hooray! As always, thank you Seven Seas for sending me comp copies.

Plus, Volume 5 is finally releasing (digital) on the 13th! Physical version to follow next month!

Meanwhile, I'm working on Volume 7! Currently at 44% translated, so that'll get wrapped up later this month. It sounds like I've been confirmed to start work on Volume 8 after I'm done, too. :>


Finished my Smol Project, hooray! I don't think anyone will be surprised to learn what it is, but otome fans should be happy.

As for my Big Boy Project, the status bar has finally started moving again! Editing isn't far behind me, for the record. After I've done my part, our humble fate rests in the hands of the QA team.


Please note that I will receive my second dose of the vaccine this month, so I may be unavailable for a few days afterwards. Looking forward to spending the summer safely, non-contagiously kissing my friends.

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