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Status Update (May 2019)

Hello from my new workspace! I just got done moving in with my friends Julia and Ian and now I'm in the process of befriending their cat Sapphire. On to the updates!


Kokoro Connect (J-Novel Club):

Volume 5: Clip Time is fully translated and available for preorder (on sale May 7th). Volume 6 is in progress, and J-Novel Club members can read each new part as it's available! Already some people are (or at least 1 guy is) speculating about the plot developments - something no one ever needed to do because of the anime. UNTIL NOW. Farewell, anime scandal. Now it's just you, me, and pure, unadulterated Kokoro Connect.


Over 85% translated! As it turns out, moving stress tends to negatively affect productivity. Fortunately, now that I'm all settled in, the last 15% shouldn't take an entire month to finish.


Finished reading it! I'll be starting on this just as soon as I can wrap up Secret #1, at which point I'll add a progress bar for it on the STATUS page.


This past month I've been playing London Detective Mysteria in my spare time, and the prose is absolutely fantastic. The game has been localized in a way that few would dare replicate, and the result is highly charming. As a card-carrying Anti-Self-Inserter I also appreciate that the protagonist has a face, a sprite, and a goddamn voice. So, if you're an Otome Gamer™ I strongly recommend it. See you next month!

Sapphire & Verde
Sapphire is my new work buddy.

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