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Status Update (March 2019)

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Ah, March. Spring is here at last... technically... I guess. (Kinda feels like an extension of winter, really.) On to the updates!


Kokoro Connect (J-Novel Club):

Volumes 1-4 are on sale, and Volume 5: Clip Time is halfway translated! Currently I'm neck-deep in some dorky Inaba content. 10/10.

A Day in the Life of Maria (OTUSUN LAND):

Editing is complete! We should be starting the programming process over the next few months or so. (Ayane is SUPER busy with a million things, as usual!)


Over 25% translated! I am DYING to talk about this, and I don't even know when it'll be announced??? aaaaaaaaaaa


You'll notice I've taken a few out; I figure there's no sense in clogging up my list with idle projects. Needless to say, I'll be sure to put them back in once there's something substantial to report. And who knows, I might get to add something new! See you next month!

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