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Status Update (June 2022)

Summer is here once again...



Until I Meet My Husband (Essay Novel, Seven Seas): Releases physically and digitally on the 21st! Super excited for everyone to read it and support the United Workers of Seven Seas!

Adachi and Shimamura (Seven Seas): Volume 9 is now available digitally; physical version coming this month on the 28th. After that, it's a looong wait for volume 10, and for the union to be ratified!

??? (Seven Seas): I'll finish translating volume 3 this month. Hmmm, wonder what this could be. The script contains the phrase "eat the rich"! #SevenSeizeTheMeansOfProduction

Incidentally, if a bigwig at Seven Seas happens to be reading this and adding my name to a freelancer blacklist or whatever: Due to the optics, I would advise you not to do that, but you are not my highest-paying client and I will not miss you.



Announced for Steam! Coming late July or thereabouts. With all the buzz about it I'm just sitting here rubbing my palms together evilly like "Yeees... Buy the game so they'll port the loc to the Switch version... All according to keikaku..." Seriously though, thank you all so much.

Secret Project:

Still chugging along at 50% translated. 4 more months to go!


Last month I received a very kind gift of Japanese snacks and otome games! I have the best clients in the world. Thanks again, Takaco-san! (Now if only my return gift would leave the port of Los Angeles, please...!)

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