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Status Update (June 2021)

This is shaping up to be the Summer of Visual Novels...



Adachi and Shimamura (Seven Seas): Volume 5 is finally here! The digital version released on May 13th, and the hard copy is available as of today! Omatase~

Volume 6 is slated for August 17th (print), so you've got a bit of a wait. But it's one of my favorites in the series!! Hang in there!

As for Volume 7, it's 100% translated. Hoping to start work on Volume 8 this month!


TAISHO x ALICE Epilogue (Primula):

Announced!!! Thank you, everyone, for getting us this far. Soon it will be time for catharsis.

Slow Damage (JAST BLUE):

Main script translation is 100% complete. Now we're doing all the image translations, UI translations, etc. This game is gonna look hella slick by the time we're done.

???????? (???):

I'm so excited about this one!!! Currently we're in the prep stage, but translation is scheduled to begin later this month.


Next month I'm buying WAY too many video games. Bustafellows, the Great Ace Attorney duology, Sweet Clown...... But it's okay because my birthday's coming up!!

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