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Status Update (June 2019)

It's con season, and Anime Expo is just one month away! I'm excited to dunk on all my friends and passionately tongue kiss my haters. Sadly, I don't think any of my Secrets will be announced there... unless somebody wants to announce something cool and then stick me on it later... (You never know - it happened with FLML, so...!)


Kokoro Connect (J-Novel Club):

Volume 5: Clip Time is now available for purchase! Volume 6: Nise Random is fully translated and available for preorder (on sale July 6th). As for Volume 7... well, I'm going on a giant vacation near the end of this month, so uhh....... pray for me?


Translation complete! It seems like Meru is having a good time editing it. I'm honestly so glad.


Translation in progress! So far, researching for this project has been extremely educational - I'm learning a lot about [RELEVANT CONTENT]. (It also gives me an excuse to type "Her Highness" a bunch, which I've been missing since I wrapped up work on Himetai.)

A Day in the Life of Maria (OTUSUN LAND):

(whoops, almost forgot) The Steam page is up! You'll need to log in to view it, because it's sinful #Adult #Content. Add it to your wishlist, tell your friends, etc. We're planning to release the game within the month of June, hooray!


Oh, and it sounds like I'll be picking up a third Secret Project here soon, so ideally I'd like to wrap up Secret Project #2 beforehand. I only made $37 during the entire month of May and I am Thirsty. See you next month!

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