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Status Update (July 2022)

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Who cares about AX or SGDQ! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH.



Until I Meet My Husband (Essay Novel, Seven Seas): Released on the 21st! They gave me a front page translator credit for this one and I'm just. THANK YOU. ;;;;;;

Adachi and Shimamura (Seven Seas): Volume 9 physical version now available! This might be the last AdaShima update from me for a while... I miss my girls!!

??? (Seven Seas): Volume 3 is 100% translated! This month I'm taking a break from book projects, but I'll pick back up in August with something brand new and exciting. :>


Secret Project:

60% translated! This month I'll be focusing pretty heavily on making this particular number go up.


All salt aside, I will be enjoying the Anime Expo tweets from a safe distance and praying no one licensed something I want to work on or else I'll DIE, I will simply DIE. (Unless... early birthday present?!)

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