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Status Update (January 2022)

I hope you're excited to see a video of my face.



Adachi and Shimamura (Seven Seas): Volume 8 is releasing this month (digitally) on the 13th. Print edition seemingly got delayed a couple weeks to February 15th.

??? (Seven Seas):

100% translated - I ended up switching my schedule to knock this one out early. No clue when this book will release, but once it does, I'll reveal it.


Chronicles of Refugia (Medium):

Not much I can say about this one right now - updates for this project will be published on the official Twitter!

Secret Project #2 (???):

Last month I left off at 77% translated, but with my book out of the way, I'll be resuming my progress and finishing by the end of January. I'm in demand these days, and it seems another company might be stealing me away, ohoho~


As promised, here is the video of my face. It's not exactly a cheery video, but it does have kittens.

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