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Status Update (January 2020)

Thank god 2019 is over.


Light Novels

Kokoro Connect (J-Novel Club):

Volume 8: Step Time is now 100% translated! Preorder it here (or other e-book retailers) to read it on launch day, January 28th! Reminder that each short story anthology contains a teaser for the next main volume, so they're worth your time to read (even if the "everyone goes on a date!" story kind of drags in my opinion).

SEXILED: My Sexist Party Leader Kicked Me Out, So I Teamed Up With a Mythical Sorceress! (J-Novel Club):

Volume 2 is now available digitally! You can buy it here (or other e-book retailers) if you desire! Also, physical editions are now available for preorder! As of this writing, Volume 1 releases on June 2nd and Volume 2 on September 1st, so sit tight. No word on Volume 3 just yet, but I'll update you if I hear anything.

I Refuse to Be Your Enemy! (J-Novel Club):

Volume 1 is 70% translated. You can read Part 1 for free here, or preorder the ebook here! Releases February 22nd.

Adachi and Shimamura (Seven Seas):

Volume 1 (physical version) is available for preorder if you want. Like Sexiled v1, it also releases on June 2nd (#YuriConspiracy???). Alternatively, there should be an early release for the digital version in March or something, allegedly. As for Volume 2, it's approximately 50% translated, and preorders for volume 2 (phys) are already up—that one comes out August 11th.

Of Dragons and Fae: Is a Fairy Tale Ending Possible for the Princess’s Hairstylist? (Cross Infinite World):

It occurs to me I completely forgot to mention in my last update that the e-book for this title is now available on Amazon! Sorry about that! If you wanted some shoujo goodness to tide you over while you wait for Enemy, this might be just the book for you.


Hippoboar Rancher (OTUSUN LAND):

Coming soon to Steam!

YOU and ME and HER: a love story (JAST USA):

Physical edition preorders available! You can choose from two different acrylic plates: Sexy Miyuki or Sexy Aoi. For people who maybe don't want sexy acrylic plates in their house, there will be a digital version preorder too... probably... I assume.


Happy 2020! As part of my yearly tradition, I made a New Year's video which you can watch if you're bored. Content warning: contains my face.

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