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Status Update (February 2022)

The month where I was so busy, I couldn't write a status update for ten whole days.



Adachi and Shimamura (Seven Seas): Volume 8 (print edition) is releasing this month on the 15th!

Volume 9 is still alllll the way in June...

And I'm translating Volume 10 right now! 76% currently. Will finish it this month, and then we'll be caught up to Japan.


Secret Project (NEW):

Just started this month! I can't say anything about it yet, but it's Long™ so I won't finish it until November at the earliest. Really jazzed about this project!

Secret Project #2 (???):

Finished translating and proofreading it; now to wait for the editing pass, then corrections. I have been so quiet about this game for so long, please announce it, I made GIFs and everything, please, I am dying.


I FINALLY FINISHED CUPIPARA. I will remember you, Gill. Now to finally get around to BUSTAFELLOWS! I appreciate a game that lets side characters have sprites.

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