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Status Update (February 2021)

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Fitting that the most romantic month of the year would have a lot of romantic book releases!


Light Novels

Adachi and Shimamura (Seven Seas): Volume 4 (phys) releases this month, on the 9th!

As for Volume 5, translation is 100% complete! Scheduled to release on June 1st. No preorders yet that I've seen. I figure they'll do an early digital in like... April. Interestingly, it seems Volume 6 already has a release date of August 17th. I haven't started on it yet but I dearly look forward to it because it's one of the best books in the series, imo.

As the Villainess, I Reject These Happy-Bad Endings! (Cross Infinite World):

Preorder today - releases on the 12th!

Ride Your Wave (Seven Seas):

Releases on the 16th (phys)! Haven't heard anything about a digital edition, oddly enough. But check out that gorgeous cover!!! As a story, Ride Your Wave is both silly and poignant, with a gutsy female protagonist. It also adds a teeny tiny bit more to the film. But most importantly, I got to translate the lyrics to BRAND NEW WORLD and make them singable! (I mean, yeah, the movie dub already did this, but my version is also good... unless they deleted what I had and pasted in the dub lyrics for consistency... OTL...)


TAISHO x ALICE episode III (Primula):

Ayyyy, it finally got announced! Add it to your Steam wishlist today! PSA: I notice people are already stating their intentions to skip over the other episodes to play ep3 and I cannot overstate how important it is that you do not do that. Play them in order so the story can break you the way it's meant to! Thanks !!


This month I await a package containing the Steam Prison Switch port as well as an AdaShima mug. Priorities.

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