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Status Update (December 2022)

howww is 2022 already over!!!!!



??? (Seven Seas): Working on Volume 4 of that one series that I still can't announce until probably next year. It's like 40% translated atm and I'll probably finish it right before the holidays.

Adachi and Shimamura (Seven Seas):

Volume 10 digital releasing this month on the 22nd! Physical to follow in January. And V11 (JP) releases on the 9th!! Welcome back, ladies!!


Slow Damage (JAST BLUE):

After two solid years, Slow Damage is finally released!

Congrats to the whole team at JAST. I wish you a very Sales Numbers so Nitro will let us have Lamento.

Puss In Combat Boots (Primula):

That's right, Gunneko is coming to Steam... in Japanese and Chinese only! /o\ Steam requires an English-language store page regardless of game language, so I translated it for them. Would love to translate the rest of the game too, if they decide to! 😽


I love how whenever my work seems to be winding down, 10 different projects immediately leap onto my lap. 2023 is starting to look like a war zone. 💦

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