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Status Update (August 2022)

This post is a goodnight kiss to TAISHO x ALICE. All my love to the fans.



BokuAi/KimiAi, the "To You/To Me" Duology (Seven Seas): As of today, I'll be starting on these! Up first is To Me, followed by To You! I can't seem to decide how to refer to these two. In Japanese the abbreviations are "BokuAi" and "KimiAi," so on my schedule I have it listed as "To You/To Me"but teeechnically that doesn't match the localized title (To Every You)... pain.jpg


Secret Project:

78% translated! Books take priority this month, but I'll resume it in between. TAISHO x ALICE: HEADS & TAILS (Primula):

Released! On PC, anyway... (for now?!?!) Barring the fandisk Switch port bonus content (god please port the localization to Switch!), the TAISHO x ALICE games are fully translated. It's been such a wild ride, screaming about each new release with all of you! Before TaiAli, I had only translated R18 otomes that mostly went unnoticed. So when I saw how insanely supportive this fandom was, I finally found the courage to reach out and interact, and inadvertently made friends with a bunch of followers, including some from Brazilian VN Twitter. I will always remember RTing someone's extremely funny TaiAli meme, only to check back later to find the OP had added "the translator found this I want to die" in Portuguese. (After that, I started to think maybe I shouldn't pounce on unsuspecting fan accounts lmao. Desculpe por eu ser assim) Seriously though, it's meant so much to me to see you guys screencapping funny lines and keysmashing! Even when people were critical of certain choices, the criticism always felt like it was in good faith, and 0% of those people harassed me. In a time when it feels like there's a growing hostility toward ""wokealizers"" on social media, I sorely appreciate a fandom that can express their opinions without turning into a reactionary hate mob. So I hope you'll stick around for my future otome projects!


Trust me, more is coming. 💚

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