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Status Update (April 2021)

Happy April 2nd, AKA Thank God That's Over Day.


Light Novels


I stepped in to translate the final volume of this series, which releases digitally on the 22nd! This one took a lot of research since it's such a cerebral work. Hopefully I've done right by the fans.

I Have A Secret (Seven Seas):

Digital version releasing on the 29th!! Really interested to see everyone's reaction to this one!

Adachi and Shimamura (Seven Seas): Volume 6 translation is now complete! Hoping to start on Volume 7 in a couple weeks.

Also, Volume 5 now has an early digital release date of May 13th!

Interestingly, V6 and V7 already have Amazon listings despite no listing on the Seven Seas website...? I'm actually not sure if they're legit since one of them uses the Japanese cover art and I've never seen Seven Seas do that. They're also listed under Airship whereas 1-5 are all under Seven Seas. If these listings are to be believed, then V6 (phys) will release August 17th and V7 (phys) will release November 16th. But just in case, I won't link to them unless they're confirmed to be legit.


Last month my Big Project got hit with a delay. In the meantime, I've been working on a Small Project, which is now at 69% (nice). The plan is to finish it up at the end of next week, then switch back to my Big Project as soon as it's ready to resume. Apologies for the delay.


Sad news time......... My roommate's sweet old grandma kitty Sapphire recently passed away here at home, and I really miss her. Working in this office is lonely without you, kitten.

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