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Walkthrough: Snow White - TAISHO x ALICE episode III

As you'll discover right from the prologue, this episode has an enforced route order, so I thought I'd make sure everyone knows how to get through Snow White. I don't think he's quite as complicated as Kaguya, but his route's bad ends are a bit more important this time around... You could say I'm writing this just to make sure you get all of them :))))))

This time I'm going to put all the choices in ROT13. Copy them one by one as needed and paste them in the box to reveal what they are so you don't spoil yourself by accident!

1. Lrf

2. Nfx uvz sbe uvf anzr

3. Lrf, dhvgr rnfvyl

4. Urpx lrnu!

5. Gryy uvz lbh yvxr gb ernq, gbb

6. Lrf

7. Ab

8. Frys-qrcerpngvat

9. Fabj Juvgr

10. Lrf

11. Lrf

12. Ab (cvpx Lrf gb ergevrir PT inevngvba!)

13. N puvyqera'f obbx

14. Orpnhfr V'z abg na bayl puvyq


To get Bad Endings 1~6, ybnq lbhe fnir naq vagragvbanyyl pubbfr qrngu be zveebe - fvk gvzrf.

15. Gura ybnq lbhe fnir naq pubbfr qernz.

Anyway good luck with the Wizard!! :))))

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