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sweet pool Preorders Announced!!!

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

(takes a deep breath)


For those of you who have been enduring the agonizingly long wait since the official sweet pool localization was announced earlier this year in February, THERE HAS FINALLY BEEN A DEVELOPMENT!!! \o/

Well, more accurately, we've been working hard to get to this stage for months now but none of it was public information so I wasn't able to talk about any of it and I was literally dying inside AAAAAAHHHH!!!!

sweet pool is finally up for preorder!!!!!!

Release date: December 19, 2018 - the 10 year anniversary of the original Japanese release!!!

If you're a BL fan, or a Saya no Uta fan, or an Urobuchi Gen fan, or a (body) horror fan, OH BOY, soon you too can experience the absolute what-the-fuckery that is sweet pool, AKA my debut translation in the Boys' Love genre, brought to you by JAST BLUE!

(Full disclosure: affiliate links and shameless shilling below)


So, on to the preorders, hosted by J-List! What can you get by preordering? A lot of fancy merch, actually! As you can imagine, Nitro+CHiRAL is really hype for their first official English release!

Priced at $40, the sweet pool Limited Edition comes with:

- Physical Game DVD

- Original Soundtrack (2 CDs)

- 5 Illustrated Cards

- Steam Key (all-ages version)

- JAST USA Download Key (18+ version)


Priced at $150, the sweet pool Premium Fan Collection is essentially a giant sweet pool merch package for those of you who want to go all-out and support Nitro+CHiRAL as much as you can! IT CONTAINS:

- Premium Art Book (A4-size)

- Exclusive sweet pool Tote Bag

- 4 Acrylic Figures + 4 Backdrops

- Exclusive sweet pool T-shirt (one size fits all)

- 10 Piece Can-Badge Set

- 5 A4-sized Clearfile Folders

- Exclusive Set of 5 sweet pool Postcards

- Proof of Purchase

- Steam Download Key (all-ages version)

Note to all you physical edition collectors that this one DOESN'T come with a hardcopy, so keep that in mind!


If you'd like to learn more about sweet pool, check out our brand-new trailer below:

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