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Art by Himono

Hi! I'm Molly Lee

& I translate things!

I'm a freelance Japanese to English translator, localization producer and consultant, powered by a passion for Japanese media and culture.

My work is centered around the tenets of creativity, voice, tone, and flow!


 & other kind words


“...Molly did fantastic work, especially with the pop culture jokes and Saito’s rough and tough way of speaking.”


“...Had this book not been written in Kunieda’s first-person voice, there’s a very high chance that it wouldn’t have been as charming.”

Rebecca Silverman,
Anime News Network


“Kudos once more to the translation by Molly Lee, which really gives you the great sense of a bunch of teenagers having terrific conversations.”


“I have great respect for
her work, and I'm receive an English translation that conveys her utmost respect for the work and the author's intentions.”

Kaeruda Ameco
(translated by Kim Morrissy), 

Anime News Network


“Your work is so clean and writerly; it's a dream to work with! I wanted to especially compliment your strong characterization for the cast and how well you retain the florid, emotional voice in which the book is written.”

KT Kelly (Editor),
Seven Seas Entertainment

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