Seven Seas Entertainment - Yes, No, or Maybe (18+)

My Contribution: Translation (Full)

An explicit boys' love romance light novel series written by Ichiho Michi, illustrated by Takemiya Lala, and licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment.

A two-faced news anchor steadily opens up to the possibility of committing to something real.

Releases digitally on July 9, 2020 for $9.99 and in print on October 6, 2020 for $14.99.

J-Novel Heart - I Refuse to Be Your Enemy!

My Contribution: Translation (Partial: Volume 1)

A shoujo isekai-tensei light novel series written by Satsuki Kanata, illustrated by Fuji Mitsuya, and licensed by J-Novel Club sub-brand J-Novel Heart.

Kiara realizes she's been reincarnated into a strategy RPG where she's supposed to be a minor villain. Instead, she chooses to get the hell out of dodge!

Volume 1 available on Amazon and other ebook retailers.

Cross Infinite World - Of Dragons and Fae: Is a Fairy Tale Ending Possible for the Princess’s Hairstylist?

My Contribution: Translation (Full)

A shoujo romance one-shot light novel written by Mikuni Tsukasa, illustrated by YukiKana, and licensed by Cross Infinite World.

Following an awkward breakup, royal hairstylist Mayna is assigned to stay in the same castle as the handsome Dragonkin knight who dumped her...

Available on Amazon!

Seven Seas Entertainment - Adachi and Shimamura

My Contribution: Translation (Full)

A yuri romance light novel series written by Iruma Hitoma, illustrated by Non, and licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment.

Two delinquent girls form a tentative friendship that steadily morphs into something more.

View the entire book series here.

J-Novel Club - SEXILED: My Sexist Party Leader Kicked Me Out, So I Teamed Up With A Legendary Sorceress!

My Contribution: Translation (Full)

A comedy light novel series written by Kaeruda Ameco and licensed by J-Novel Club.

When Tanya Artemiciov is booted from her party due to her gender, she decides it's time to get even—and she'll need the help of other strong women to make it happen.

Volumes 1 and 2 available on Amazon as well as Nook, Kobo, and Apple Books!

J-Novel Club - Kokoro Connect


My Contribution: Translation (Full)

A poignant light novel series written by award-winning author Anda Sadanatsu and licensed by J-Novel Club.

The five members of the Cultural Research Club are subjected to a series of supernatural phenomena that change their lives forever.

View the entire book series on Amazon! Also available via Nook, Kobo, and Apple Books.

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